The "Los Sueños International Community & Nature Reserve" is a 300-acre gated community 8 miles north of Nosara in the finest weather microclimate of the Guanacaste coast. Located in a wilderness river basin with pleasant year-round temperatures and always refreshing breezes, we enjoy a wonderful outdoor living climate. Some of the finest beaches in Costa Rica are within minutes of our community. This web site shares our history, special location, 86-acre nature reserve, abundant water and peaceful lifestyle.
You are welcome to inquire about our available properties and residences. 

Finca Los Sueños spans the entire Rio Rosario basin above the coastal road. Most of our lots sit high on ridge lines or above side canyons for dramatic ocean and river basin views.
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We are blessed by our unique location, abundant water and 86-acre nature reserve. The Rosario river drains a massive remote watershed area. It flows through our nature reserve under a cathedral-like canopy of trees, many with 10' diameters or more. We thus enjoy the company of monkeys, birds and many other animals, and the sounds of the ocean waves from the coastline below. 

During our 25-year history, about 50 people from Europe, Costa Rica and North America have purchased their dreamland. We have built 24 homes with others planned and now under construction. Our homes range from Swiss modern, to Costa Rica rustic, to Indonesian timeless, to Southwestern adobe, to Bali Teak, to Tico Ranchos. Our houses have spectacular settings, and many have inviting pools. 

In 2010, we formed the Finca Los Sueños Lot Owners Association (FLSOA) to manage our internal roads, entrance gates, exterior fencing, annual clearing, and protect our nature reserve. The FLSOA collects a small annual fee from our lot owners.

In 2010, we formed an ASADA, a municipal authority that now manages our water. The  ASADA FLS  protects our aquifers and wells, and operates our pumps, control systems, storage tanks, water meters and nearly 3 miles of underground water lines.

For more information we invite you to contact us. We hope you enjoy our video, information and slide shows on this website.