San Juanillo is a beautiful fishermen village located on the pacific coast of Costa Rica.
If you are looking for the “real“ Costa Rican experience, you've come to the right place.
A rural and true scenic tropical area known for its incredible beaches with crystal blue water in unspoiled nature setting and friendly laid back locals who are welcoming visitors with open arms.
San Juanillo is located 9 miles north of Nosara, a popular surf town with many restaurants, bars, hotels, yoga retreats and a regional airport. The Ostional Turtle Refuge is just a short distance to the south, see Ostional real estate.
The coast area is rugged and lined by thick forests, with many rock outcroppings and reefs, and some of the best swimming and snorkeling beaches in the area. Recent road and bridge improvements make it easy to drive from San Juanillo to Nosara or Liberia anytime.
The Rio Rosario river basin has one of the finest climates in the world - a microclimate ideal for indoor-outdoor living. It is only a couple of miles wide on the coast. It allows you to escape the confines of air conditioning to enjoy the sounds of monkeys, birds and the ocean instead.

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Pura Vida!


"Ancient People"
Breakfast and lunch, eclectic atmosphere, excellent organic foods, smoothies and more.
Visit the boutique/souvenir shop.
Tel: +506 8710 6999

"Brisas del Mar"
Owner Victor Leal and his family offer an authentic "Tico-rustic" feel and very good local food.
Fresh fish is served here of course. 200 meters from the beach.
Tel: +506 8885 5420


"Super San Juanillo"
Local convenience store providing a range of everyday items such as coffee, groceries, snack foods, confectionery, soft drinks, tobacco products, toiletries and prepaid cellphone cards.


"San Juanillo Tours"
Christian's boat & fishing tours offering turtle watching, dolphins, whales, snorkeling and more.
Tel: +506 8560 4432