We invite you to discover our beautiful residential, commercial properties and houses in San Juanillo
 on the pacific coast of Costa Rica.

During several journeys in the years 1982 to 1993 through almost all of the Central American countries we quickly discovered the unique ambience of Costa Rica, especially the Nicoya Peninsula.

This country has long taken a gentler course both politically and socially since 1948 when it abolished the military and focused on education, healthcare and nature preservation. Most important, the Costa Rican constitution guarantees foreigners full ownership rights for Real Estate.

After years of exploring we discovered this „land of dreams“ with its unique micro-climate, where one can enjoy six months of pure summer (dec.-may) and six months of pleasant green season in the province of Guanacaste on the Nicoya peninsula.

We acquired several large beautiful pieces of land near the spectacular beaches of San Juanillo, Ostional and Nosara, which we have carefully developed since 1993. The „Fincas“ extend from unspoiled jungle rivers to palm covered chains of hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Close enough to hear the waves, yet high enough to escape humidity and enjoy a refreshing breeze year-round. All residences of the ‘Los Sueños’ community enjoy forever unobstructed sunset ocean views, thanks to our large private protected Nature Reserve surrounding the entire property.

During the 26 years of realizing this project, we have developed a co-operative relationship of friendship and mutual respect with the local community. This, we feel, is the single most important pre-requisite for living in peace and harmony for the years to come. In the meantime more than 75 old and new friends from around the world have joined us as owners of the ‘Los Sueños’ community and private nature reserve.